Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting Set Up

Each time I come back to my blog I see new things that I want to add to it and change the original setup. Since I am new to blogging or looking at anyone elses blogs I have been spending qutie a bit of time checking out other peoples and learnning alot. I had no idea there was so much information out there on my interests since I have never searched them very often. Once I find someone I want to follow I then go check out who they are following and forget to list their blogs. Just like a mine once you start digging you end up finding more and more. Quite interesting really. This week saw my son and his high school buddy taking back off for their home in Arizona. Had a good week visiting and seeing some of the sights and learning about new places right here around us. Florida does have a lot to do within a days drive of Jacksonville. They both had a lot of fun and we sure enjoyed having them here. It really helped having some men around to talk to. Well next time I will start writing about my photography....although I am a beginner at it other than taking the normal family shots at get togethers I think there are good things to share that the most experienced photographers have run into before. Take care

Monday, November 9, 2009

First Ever Post

Today I wanted to try something that would be fun and a learning experience so I took the example from my wife and started my own blog. I am hoping to find blogs on photography and woodworking and learn as much as possible. I have never delved into blogs except looking at my wifes and she does such an awesome job with hers I wanted to give it a shot.