Friday, December 4, 2009

Big Changes

Today I take my daughter and grandson back to Arizona where they will live with family there. I will miss them very much but it is a very new concept for my wife and I to finally get back to house where it was when we first got married. Just the two of us.... I know it wont take long to get used to having the house clean and stay that way, not having to shut doors in the house to keep little feet away. It should be a good time and time where we can finally just concentrate on each other and not all the distractions that come along. I know that over the years people have a tendency to allow the distractions to be a priority in their lives and lose sight of the most important person. My Dad had said for many many years as us kids grew up that Mom was the most important person in his life because after the kids leave she will still be there. Today that becomes a reality in our lives and my hope is that we can go back to the way we were 26 years ago. (Okay not in every aspect...LOL) Just in the excitement of a new life for just the two of us. I am excited about this!! We can have a lot of fun! Going to start getting things ready and packed to make the trip. My camera is loaded and charged....should be a fun weekend!

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