Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just another experience

I haven't written anything in so long that I feel like I have neglected my blog. I have been going through quite a bit of testing here lately and still have more to go. I think the doctors are not wanting to take any chances so they are pulling out all stops. We have been kind of in limbo waiting for any answer to these questions....just holding our breaths for (2) months. This has given me another insight to my mortality which has not happened since my heart attack three years ago. I believe we take our time here in this world for granted and don't realize how infinitesimal our time really is until these things happen to us. We walk our paths through life thinking that only happens to someone else but not me. I am not complaining at all because I have had a great life, great family, lots of fun and love and very few regrets. I do think one thing I have to regret is the time that I have taken for and trying to make ends meet has taken my joy away and made me a slave to my job. In the coming months I do hope to remedy this by setting aside time to fish, to relax and slow down. I have thought about writing a not think I would do very well but would like to tell a story. Strickly fiction with some historical reference so the characters are not real but the story would take place in a time based on the past. I have read so many books that take you out of reality and transplant you into a different period, to the point where you can smell the old coal locomotives blowing their black clouds of smoke in the air. The books that I have enjoyed the most have been able to tell the story so well that from cover to cover I have taken a trip with the author. Wow...I think that is neat. So I guess I will give it some thought, bought a few books on writing and I want to give it a try. Nothing to be published just an experience, maybe a few short stories. We will see but whatever it is that I decide to do I want to do it for me. I know how very selfish that sounds but after all these years of service that I have given for the military and Boeing I think I have earned this. Hope this finds everyone doing well and loving life itself.

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